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New Jersey Traffic & Municipal Court Attorneys

Our attorneys represent clients throughout the State of New Jersey who were charged with disorderly persons offenses (misdemeanors), petty disorderly persons offenses, traffic/motor vehicle violations (speeding tickets, DWI/DUI, careless driving), and ordinance violations.

Unlike indictable offenses (first, second, third, and fourth-degree crimes), disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly persons offenses, motor vehicle violations, and ordinance violations are heard in the Municipal Courts of the State of New Jersey. If you were issued a speeding ticket, failure to cut your grass, or possession of small amounts of certain controlled dangerous substances, your case will be heard in the municipal court where the alleged conduct occurred.

Being charged with a disorderly persons offense, petty disorderly persons offense, or being issued motor vehicle summonses in New Jersey can be a stressful time in a client’s life. The consequences can include substantial fines, loss of employment, a criminal record, loss of driving privileges, and other devastating results, which is why it is essential to hire the right attorney to defend you. The attorneys at our firm represent clients charged with these offenses throughout the State of New Jersey, appearing in every municipal court with great success.

Where do we begin?

At the initial intake, we will gather all of the necessary facts and information to start building your defense. We then evaluate all aspects of your case, including reviewing charging documents such as a complaint, warrant, and summons. We will also request any and all discovery from the prosecutor, including videos, photographs, emails, writings, lab reports, witness statements, etc. Our firm has also utilized the services of a private investigator, if necessary, in an effort to obtain/preserve evidence that may help in your defense. Remember, in any criminal case, the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt, wherein the Municipal Court Prosecutor must prove each and every element of each offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt before a Municipal Court Judge.  The burden never shifts to you. A criminal defendant does not need to prove his/her innocence; the burden always stays with the Municipal Court Prosecutor.

How do we begin?

Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at 973-256-1414 or email us at to schedule a free consultation. If you have been arrested and charged with a disorderly persons offense, a petty disorderly persons offense, a motor vehicle violation or an ordinance violation, you should seek legal assistance from one of our attorneys as soon as possible. Our attorneys defend criminal defendants charged with these crimes in all 21 counties and all 556 Municipalities of New Jersey and are here to help you today!

Types of Disorderly Persons Offenses/Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses

  • Simply assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Possession of CDS
  • Petty theft
  • Loitering for narcotics
  • Wandering
  • Prostitution
  • Harassment

Traffic Matters

Being pulled over by the police can be nerve-racking and lead to substantial fines, penalties, and points on your New Jersey driver’s license. If you obtain 12 or more points on your license, you will be subject to a license suspension through the Motor Vehicle Commission.

The following violations will result in motor vehicle points assessed against you upon a guilty plea or conviction in a Municipal Court in the State of New Jersey:

39:5D-4 Out of state moving violation 2 Points
27:23-29 Moving against traffic 2 Points
27:23-29 Improper passing 4 Points
27:23-29 Unlawful use of median strip 2 Points
39:3-20 Operating constructor vehicle in excess of 45 mph 3 Points
39:4-14.3 Operating motorized bicycle on a restricted highway 2 Points
39:4-14.3d More than one person on a motorized bicycle 2 Points
39:4-35 Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk 2 Points
39:4-36 Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk; passing a vehicle yielding to pedestrian in crosswalk 2 Points
39:4-41 Driving through safety zone 2 Points
39:4-52 Racing on highway 5 Points
39:4-55 Improper action or omission on grades and curves 2 Points
39:4-57 Failure to observe direction of officer 2 Points
39:4-66 Failure to stop vehicle before crossing sidewalk 2 Points
39:4-66.1 Failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles while entering or leaving highway 2 Points
39:4-66.2 Driving on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal 2 Points
39:4-71 Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk 2 Points
39:4-80 Failure to obey direction of officer 2 Points
39:4-81 Failure to observe traffic signals 2 Points


0 Points for red light camera violation

39:4-82 Failure to keep right 2 Points
39:4-82.1 Improper operating of vehicle on divided highway or divider 2 Points
39:4-83 Failure to keep right at intersection 2 Points
39:4-84 Failure to pass to right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction 5 Points
39:4-85 Improper passing on right or off roadway 4 Points
39:4-85.1 Wrong way on a one-way street 2 Points
39:4-86 Improper passing in no passing zone 4 Points
39:4-87 Failure to yield to overtaking vehicle 2 Points
39:4-88 Failure to observe traffic lanes 2 Points
39:4-89 Tailgating 5 Points
39:4-90 Failure to yield at intersection 2 Points
39:4-90.1 Failure to use proper entrances to limited access highways 2 Points
39:4-91-92 Failure to yield to emergency vehicles 2 Points
39:4-96 Reckless driving 5 Points
39:4-97 Careless driving 2 Points
39:4-97a Destruction of agricultural or recreational property 2 Points
39:4-97.1 Slow speed blocking traffic 2 Points
39:4-97.2 Driving in an unsafe manner (points only for third or subsequent offense within 5 years of most recent 39:4-97.2 conviction) 4 Points
39:4-97.3 Use of a handheld cellphone or electronic communication device while driving 3 points are assessed against third offense occurring within 10 years of second offense and all subsequent offenses thereafter 3 Points
39:4-98 Exceeding the speed by 1-14 mph over limit 2 Points
Exceeding the speed by 15-29 mph over limit 4 Points
Exceeding the speed by 30 mph over limit 5 Points + Suspension
39:4-105 Failure to stop for traffic light 2 Points
39:4-115 Improper turn at traffic light 3 Points
39:4-119 Failure to stop at flashing red signal 2 Points
39:4-122 Failure to stop for police whistle 2 Points
39:4-123 Improper right or left turn 3 Points
39:4-124 Improper turn from approved turning course 3 Points
39:4-125 Improper u-turn 3 Points
39:4-126 Failure to give proper signal 2 Points
39:4-127 Improper backing or turning in street 2 Points
39:4-127.1 Improper crossing of railroad grade crossing 2 Points
39:4-127.2 Improper crossing of bridge 2 Points
39:4-128 Improper crossing of railroad grade crossing by certain vehicles. 2 Points
39:4-128.1 Improper passing of school bus 5 Points
39:4-128.4 Improper passing of a frozen dessert truck 4 Points
39:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident with no personal injury 2 Points
39:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury 8 points
39:4-144 Failure to observe stop or yield signs 2 Points
39:5C-1 Racing on highway 5 Points
39:5D-4 Moving violation committed out of state 2 Points

Ordinance Violations

Ordinance violations can be extremely difficult to deal with. A Township’s Code Enforcement Officer typically issues them and can carry substantial fines of up to $1,000 to $2,000 per day violations. We have represented many clients faced with code enforcement/ordinance violations, including the following:

  • Operating a business without a Certificate of Occupancy/Use Variance
  • Failure to cut the grass
  • Excessive noise
  • Barking dogs
  • Excessive debris and garbage
  • Planting of bamboo and other invasive plants
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Unlawful law signs
  • Failure to register a business

Our clients have included businesses, homeowners, REO companies, and many more.


The impact of an arrest and/or a conviction on your record can have a devastating impact on your employability or other aspects of your life. Disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly persons offenses, and ordinance violations may be expunged.  Contact our office today for a free consultation to determine whether you are eligible to apply for an expungement to erase any record of your arrest, guilty plea and/or conviction.

Why is the Law Offices of Steven A. Varano, P.C. your choice?

When you turn to the skilled and dedicated team at the Law Offices of Steven A. Varano, P.C., you are gaining the experience you need to defend the case. With more than 90 years of combined experience, we are ready to ensure a successful outcome with your situation.

  • We approach every case with tenacity and do not back down.
  • We will review all of the evidence that the State has against you.
  • We will discuss potentially retaining a private investigator to question witnesses and gather and/or preserve evidence.
  • We will make determinations as to all of your defenses, including the potential need to suppress evidence, file dispositive motions, etc.
  • Discuss the potential admissibility into a diversionary program such as conditional dismissal or conditional discharge.
  • We focus on our clients, making ourselves available to answer questions and concerns 24 hours a day.